August 19 - 21, 2018
The Loews Chicago Hotel, Chicago, IL

Monday, August 20, 2018

7:30 am - 8:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am - 8:05 am Chairperson's Remarks

Who exactly is the modern learner and what are these people’s needs and desires as it pertains to learning in this day and age? What are the modern trends in learning? Of these, what trends do you think will be enduring and what is fad? During this panel, we will discuss and debate the following:
·         A lot has been written about a more humanistic approach to learning in the workplace. How can learning support people being better humans? (e.g., How does learning create more human humans?)
·         One of learnings value propositions is the opportunity for people to sharpen their skill sets and stay ahead of the technological advances. How are you leveraging learning to prepare your people for digital transformation?
·         Similar to preparing for digital transformation, how are you teaching people to leverage data in new and different ways, to learn new behaviors, unlearn old behaviors, and teach them to use information that is now available to them?
·         What are the greatest obstacles you have faced or currently face in bringing learning to the modern learner?


Jeff McGowan

General Manager, Learning Operations
JetBlue Airways


Donald Dennis

Huntington Bank


David Hare

Director, Organizational Development
GE Appliances

8:45 am - 9:15 am Confessions from the C-Suite About Learning & Development: Groupon's CFO and CLO Take Center Stage

Mike Randolfi - CFO Groupon
Karishma Patel Buford - VP, Global Talent Management Groupon
  • How Groupon has positioned their leadership development approach for greatest impact
  • How can finance chiefs best work with L&D to advocate for its delivery
  • What are CFOs doing to ensure they have the talent they need?
  • How can CFOs help promote a new mindset that puts learners in the driver's seat, harness the power of technology and the amazingly diverse wealth of instantly available external content, and offers a great user experience to learners?

Mike Randolfi



Karishma Patel Buford

VP, Global Talent Management

9:15 am - 9:30 am Ignite: Modernizing L&D Through Frictionless Video Communications

The expectations of Learning and Development groups are rapidly evolving. This evolution is fueled by digital disruption compounding the need to increase the pace and quality of training coupled with rapid growth in the workforce demographic towards a modern-day worker who has expectations of a flexible, high-quality user-experience and full mobility. These changes underway are forcing L&D leaders to transform how training is delivered to a highly diverse user community at scale with minimal to no budget increases. Join this Ignite to learn how Zoom is partnering with enterprises to aid in the transformation of L&D to deliver a frictionless learning environment while keeping costs flat or reduced. 
·         Improve overall training quality and user experience
·         Reduce travel costs and improve productivity of training resources
·         Scale programs by delivering high-quality virtual training

9:30 am - 10:00 am Cracking the Human Code

In this session, we will unravel common myths around the brain’s capabilities and how it stores information. We’ll explore and (strive to) answer the following questions:
·        Has the human brain changed across generations?
·        What are the ‘codes’ that drive behavior change and retention?
·        How do you optimize your everyday efforts to capitalize on the brain’s strengths and weaknesses to transform your organization?

10:00 am - 10:30 am Business Meeting

10:30 am - 11:00 am Business Meeting

11:00 am - 11:15 am Networking Break


11:15 am - 12:00 pm Bridging the Gap: Effectively Communicating the Value of Learning To Business Partners
While Learning & Development may have a seat at the table as a business partner, their recommendations to the business are often “lost in translation.” Many times this occurs because the recommendation is created and delivered in a manner that, while it makes sense to L&D, it lacks a compelling story from the business’ perspective. 
The objective of this session is to provide you a new thought process and method that helps you cut through the clutter. You will see how to deliver clear and compelling recommendations that will be readily implemented by the business. During this session, you will learn how to:
·         Craft a compelling “core idea” that resonates with key stakeholders
·         Build a solid, logical “architecture” to support your ideas
·         Draft a clear and effective story that articulates your recommendation and its rationale
·         Syndicate your story with a broad set of key stakeholders (versus the narrow set that is the norm)
·         Choose and perform the “right” set of analyses required to convince your business partners

Master Class

11:15 am - 11:45 am Mind the Gap: Solutions That Span Your Human Capital Ecosystem
Having the right skills, knowledge and experience to accomplish your company’s goals requires a finely-tuned Human Capital Ecosystem. That starts with a good understanding of where your gaps are.
In this class, Dr. Eppler and the panel will give examples of three classic gaps and how they were addressed with the right content, the right delivery systems and the right assessment. These include highly-focused, micro-learning programs, company-custom front-line leadership and a broad education benefits program that recruits and retains top talent. During this session attendees will hear:
·         How one company uses tuition assistance to recruit and retain talent
·         How one company created and implemented a company-custom leadership development program for front-line contributors
·         How one company teamed with the university to develop and deploy micro-learning programs for their clients

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm Lunch

12:50 pm - 1:20 pm The Role of Learning in Revitalizing Performance Management

Dr. Samuel Rindell - COO, Global Talent, Learning & Organizational Development Leader Cigna

Dr. Samuel Rindell

COO, Global Talent, Learning & Organizational Development Leader

1:20 pm - 1:50 pm L&D Today: To Be Content is Not Enough

Yesterday’s employees view development and training as an isolated activity outside their daily routine but today's employees are pushing organizations into uncharted territory where informal, engaging, interactive, e-learning must be incorporated into their lives when and where they need it.  Most employees don't have the time to click through slides or courses that are not engaging or interactive but how do you create effective, digital learning programs with a limited budget, time, and access to content? In this session, we'll share the basic instructional design theories of sound digital content development that will enable you to create learning programs from a variety of source material. We’ll explore how to apply each theory to engaging interactive material using a humorous real-world case study. You’ll leave this session with a renewed focus on how to take your legacy content and turn it into an exciting digital training program that not only engages the learner but produces successful business outcomes for your organization. Join us to find out how to:
  • Keep your organization relevant and successful by employing a new set of instructional design tool and learning methodologies
  • Rapidly employ techniques for taking your 20th century content into the 21st century
  • Curate new content and tap into the informal learning space
  • Harness new and existing tools to deliver a continuous, personalized learning experience that is relevant and provided at the point of need


1:50 pm - 2:35 pm Exceptional Leadership in an Age of Disruption
Constant disruption is the new normal across all industries.  As a result, leaders face intense pressure and organizations must be equipped with the right type of leadership.
This will be a high energy, interactive masterclass, where you will learn about the key components of Exceptional Leadership and how the Science of Emotional Intelligence (EI) can enhance engagement, accelerate performance, manage change and drive results through exceptional leadership. Bill Benjamin will present the latest research on what it means to be an exceptional leader and how it will position you and your organization to succeed in an age of disruption.
As a result of attending this session you will:
·         Be the first to see the results of our organizational challenges assessment completed by you and your peers.
·         Learn how to leverage the science of emotional intelligence as the competitive advantage that will be foundational to your organization’s ability to lead in an age of disruption.
·         Develop insights and strategies based in brain science to help both you (personally and professionally) as an individual and your organization leverage the power of Emotional Intelligence.
·         Leave with new language and a toolkit that is foundational to creating the behavior change you want to see embedded and sustained throughout your organization

Master Class

1:50 pm - 2:35 pm Say Hello to the Bionic CLO
The future is certain. It’s relentless change and volatility. That means now, learning and development need to propel our businesses, not just support them. To drive continuous improvement and innovation, a new kind of Chief Learning Officer is emerging. These Bionic CLOs are finding fresh ways to harness technology and data to keep their people’s skills in sync with their business strategies. And they’re rebuilding their own teams and processes along the way. Join this session to learn:
  • Why the new world of work requires some new L&D strategies
  • What Bionic CLOs are doing to rebuild their teams and processes, and
  • How they’re using novel tools and metrics to make L&D better, faster and stronger

2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Business Meeting

3:10 pm - 3:40 pm Business Meeting

3:40 pm - 4:10 pm Business Meeting

4:10 pm - 4:25 pm Networking Break


4:25 pm - 5:10 pm The Ripple Effect of Expansive Leadership
One of the most challenging moves a manger/leader is required to make is the expansion from what we call the Management Zone, (the doing, planning, budgeting, organizing, controlling, problem solving and directing) to incorporating the Leadership Zone, (effectively influencing in complexity, a way of being, setting direction, creating a culture, selling a vision, aligning people, motivating and inspiring) into their capacity and skills. In a nutshell they magnify their impact through others.
Very often managers are reluctant to change their identity and let go of what got them here, it requires a mind-set shift, a new set of skills, competencies and a different capacity built through new habits and practices. For those leaders who make this expansion the rewards are positive because they create the space and conditions for their people to grow and to develop, engagement increases, creativity emerges, through greater alignment more is achieved in shorter timescales.
·         Explore and contribute to a highly interactive conversation on how we support leaders to successfully make this expansion
·         Co-create practices to support leaders in developing the capacities and habits needed to lead in this more expansive way
·         Identify the core beliefs, values and mind-set needed for leaders to make this expansion
·         Support your leaders to create the space for your people to grow into by operating at the right level 

Master Class

4:25 pm - 5:10 pm Outcome-Driven Employee Engagement - Moving From Training to the Next Wave of Engagement
The same pains and challenges are echoed across industries by CLO’s and their teams: our LMS is stuck in the past, a dinosaur; how can we improve employee engagement and correlate training with business outcomes?; can new technologies help us reshape how we enable our employees to do their jobs? 
This presentation focuses on the next generation of L&D in which “training” shifts to “enablement” and with it not just the meaning but the entire experience of how to build the key capabilities your employees need to succeed at their jobs. Drawing examples from HR and Training, sales, and customer success functions we’ll explore how some global organizations are innovating and transforming the way they enable their employees to achieve better business outcomes.
At the end of this session you will be able to:
·         Understand why companies are transitioning from a legacy L&D mentality to the new enablement model;
·         Leverage technology that allows you to correlate learning with business results;
·         Learn how global companies have implemented a continuous learning culture that aligns all employees around a common initiative

5:10 pm - 5:40 pm Training Millennials in the Workplace

Donald Dennis - CLO Huntington Bank


Donald Dennis

Huntington Bank

5:40 pm - 6:10 pm Learning Agility: Continuous Development through Learning Technology & Science - A Practitioner's Perspective

We need to disrupt the learning and development function – not just respond to external disruption – to allow our team members to build the learning agility required to keep our organizations competitive. With the majority of corporations going through some sort of transformation and the data telling us that only 1 in 7 companies will find a way to grow sustainably and profitably, L&D leaders must make sense of the increasingly complex learning ecosystem to allow our teams to thrive in the age of automation. In this discussion ansrsource will leverage its 15 years of experience building compelling learning solutions to share how we intend to disrupt how we do business by incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and learning agility to help us build continuous learners. Join us for wine, a stimulating conversation, and what we intend to be the beginning of a cognitive community to drive innovation in L&D

6:10 pm - 6:55 pm Roundtable Discussions: Choose Your Topic

What's the best way to automatically deliver a personalized learning experience? How do you show Talent Development programs ROI? Has the training resulted in performance improvement? These questions are at the top of the mind of every L&D professional. Learning activities don’t necessarily reflect what happens at the workplace every day, especially since every employee’s experience and learning needs are so different. Consequently, in order to strengthen learning ROI, the main goal becomes making training hands-on, customized, relevant, and measurable or, in other words, performance-based. Performance-based learning centers around not teaching everything relating to the subject matter - it is about analyzing and connecting each employee’s job performance, learning success, capabilities, and expected outputs to achieve certain business goals. Join George Elfond and Dan O’Marra from Rallyware in this roundtable to learn more about performance-based learning and discuss how different industries could implement it..
Disruption, change and crisis are certainties for today’s leaders. It’s no longer a question of “if,” it’s only a question of “when?” You and your leaders need to be prepared. In this interactive roundtable, we’ll focus on how executives lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations in the midst of the unexpected, the unplanned, and the unpredictable. Attendees will learn a framework to use with leaders to prepare for disruption, consider ways learning leaders can help the line when the unexpected happens and discuss what types of actions, approaches or offers you could offer to help your organization prepare for the unknown.

Come join the conversation with Ferril Onyett, Sr. Director, Global Training and International HR for Taco Bell. Ferril will kick things off with a quick overview of how her team adapted their training strategy to be more innovative and relevant. By implementing a smart content system at all 7,500 locations nationwide, her team is now able to get 200,000 team members across the US properly trained on each of their new menu item launches that occur every six weeks. The results? Empowered employees, a 5% increase in customer satisfaction as well as $2 million annual savings in print and shipping costs. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick the brain of a learning professional who has been in the industry for nearly 20 years.

We're in an era that many are calling the “fourth industrial revolution.” A technology-dominated future is on the horizon, transforming the way we live and work. Jobs that do not exist today will soon be commonplace. The Institute for the Future has identified five future ‘Super Skills’, create a personal brand, become digitally fluent, build a tribe, make sense of complexity, and become more resilient.  Arguably these are all, what are considered 'soft skills'; however, how can any company prepare for these future super skills? The paradigm for training soft skills is different from that of hard skills, hence the challenge. In this session, we will explore how to train for the future with soft skills. Topics covered will include: Why soft skills are the key to future-proofing your workforce, the problem of training for soft skills (and strategy to solve for it) and the science of learning

6:55 pm - 7:25 pm Cocktails, Dinner & Casino