August 19 - 21, 2018
Loews Hotel, Atlanta, GA

Sunday, August 19, 2018

10:00 am - 10:30 am Registration

10:30 am - 12:30 pm Brunch & Networking Activity

12:30 pm - 12:35 pm Orientation

12:35 pm - 12:45 pm Chairperson's Introduction

Sponsored by: The Institute for Health and Human Potential

12:45 pm - 1:25 pm The Globalization of L&D at Siemens

Lisa Lang, Head of Learning Campus US,Siemens Corporation #66 F500
The structures, strategies, and approaches of learning organizations vary by company and are influenced by many factors.  These factors can include the company size, products and services it offers, industries it interacts with, and certainly the global reach of the company. 
 In this session, you will get an inside view of how one of the largest companies in the world, Siemens, has created a “globalized” business learning function. Lisa Lang will walk you through these elements:

  • Our global structure of learning organizations
  • How we align with the strategies of Siemens business
  • Operating as a self-funded learning function
  • Our portfolio of global business learning offerings
  • Critical skill sets and key roles in our learning organizations
  • Learning innovation and technologies 

Lisa Lang

Head of Learning Campus US
Siemens Corporation #66 F500

Who exactly is the modern learner and what are these people’s needs and desires as it pertains to learning in this day and age? What are the modern trends in learning? Of these, what trends do you think will be enduring and what is fad? During this panel, we will discuss and debate the following:
·         A lot has been written about a more humanistic approach to learning in the workplace. How can learning support people being better humans? (e.g., How does learning create more human humans?)
·         One of learnings value propositions is the opportunity for people to sharpen their skill sets and stay ahead of the technological advances. How are you leveraging learning to prepare your people for digital transformation?
·         Similar to preparing for digital transformation, how are you teaching people to leverage data in new and different ways, to learn new behaviors, unlearn old behaviors, and teach them to use information that is now available to them?
·         What are the greatest obstacles you have faced or currently face in bringing learning to the modern learner?

Keba Gordon

Head of Organizational Design
Target #38 F500


Rose Lawyer

SVP, Learning & Development
Huntington National Bank #610 F1000

2:05 pm - 2:35 pm Business Meeting

2:35 pm - 3:05 pm Business Meeting

3:05 pm - 3:35 pm Business Meeting

3:35 pm - 3:50 pm Networking Break

Master Class

3:50 pm - 4:35 pm Building the Capability to Manage Complexity

Managing complexity is hard.  And, as a rule, we are not very good at it.  We often try to dismiss complexity, to simplify it, to make it fit into an old mental model.  But the ability to effectively and efficiently manage complexity is a function of achieving clarity – not simplicity or avoidance or fitting a square peg into a round hole.  It is both an individual and team sport.  Individually, we must do the cognitive work to reconcile conflicting facts and forecasts.  As a team, we must encourage and respect diversity in perspectives and experiences.  Demands on mid- to senior-level executives continue on a relentless upward path – significantly raising the value of managing complexity.  In this session, we will:
·         Discuss the different types of complexity
·         Review novel approaches to building this capability in your organization

Sponsored by: UNC Executive Development


3:50 pm - 4:35 pm Creating A New Learning System that Adapts to the Needs of Each & Every Learner

L&D functions waste billions of dollars and millions of hours of workers' time every year because 'dumb' e-learning forces workers to take training on subjects they already know, and provides no help when learners struggle with content. Worse, 70% of what IS learned is forgotten within one day. Adaptive Learning -­ the application of computer science, big data and machine learning techniques, combined with state­-of-­the-­art pedagogy - has enabled the creation of new ­learning systems that adapt to the needs of each and every learner. Adaptive learning creates at scale and at low cost ­the experience of a personal tutor, guaranteeing proficiency while dramatically reducing time spent learning and returning thousands of hours of productive time back to the business.
Fortunately, it is easy to make the move to adaptive learning.  In this session we:
·         Explore how adaptive learning works
·         Learn how to implement adaptive learning easily
·         Discuss the challenges and benefits of transforming your learner experience

Sponsored by: Area9Learning

4:35 pm - 5:15 pm Designing & Prioritizing Learning Initiatives That Drive Optimal Business Outcomes

Teri Hart, Chief Learning Strategist,Discover Financial Services # 277 F500
As learning professionals, we are frequently tasked to build learning solutions to solve business problems. Quite often, these needs appear to be a worthwhile investment.  But without the backdrop of strategy, we miss a critical piece of the decision-making framework – and that is the relative value of a specific learning needs decision. How do we ensure that we expend our training and development resources – and the learners’ mindshare – on the most impactful outcomes? To better understand their investments in training and development, in 2015, Discover developed a portfolio framework for managing training and development. Since then, the Learning Strategy team at Discover has worked to articulate strategy for these portfolios in order to better prioritize learning initiatives that drive optimal business outcomes. During this session, attendees will learn how to::
·         Develop a framework for organizing training and development programs
·         Discuss a methodology for articulating learning strategy
·         Highlight key examples of learning strategies for various learning portfolios
·         Build a roadmap for executing on learning strategy

Teri Hart

Chief Learning Strategist
Discover Financial Services # 277 F500


Sponsored by: thoughtLEADERS

5:25 pm - 6:05 pm Action Learning Session: Solving Problems in Real Time

During this interactive session, attendees will participate in a real-time survey to uncover four critical L&D challenges. Smaller groups will be formed around each challenge area, to develop an action plan and list of possible solutions to address each challenge. Each group will report back to the audience. 

Sponsored by: Thoughtexchange

6:05 pm - 6:35 pm Business Meeting

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6:35 pm - 7:05 pm Cocktail Reception

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7:05 pm - 8:35 pm Dinner