Tuesday, August 15, 2017

7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Breakfast

8:00 AM - 8:05 AM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Sponsored by: Leadership Pipeline Institute

8:05 AM - 8:45 AM Building an Enterprise Learning Organization to Drive Performance

Angela Justice, Chief Learning Officer , Biogen
In 2015, Training at Biogen was highly decentralized and broadly distributed across functions and geographies. Lack of governance, accountability, and alignment led to high spend but questionable value. Over the course of 2016, we transformed our structure and approach and built a platform from which to exert significant organizational impact. Today, business alignment, agility, and performance improvement are at the forefront of our Learning strategy and the focus is shifting from “training” to continuous learning. In this session, you’ll learn how to:
  • Maximize learning as a strategic lever for competitive advantage
  • Receive tips for getting (and keeping) executive sponsorship
  • Learn how to break down functional learning silos
  • Shift from “training” to continuous learning


Angela Justice

Chief Learning Officer


9:15 AM - 9:45 AM Business Meeting

9:45 AM - 10:15 AM Business Meeting

10:15 AM - 10:30 AM Networking Break

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Business Meeting

11:00 AM - 11:40 AM Learning Transformation: The Centralization & Alignment of Staff & Activities

Lynn Williams , Head, Global Leadership & Management Development , Sanofi
Sanofi is currently embarking on a radical transformation to evolve from a traditional, in classroom L&D Organization, to a model where employees can own their skills and experts share knowledge freely. At the heart of this transformation is a focus on centralization, bringing together six different companies under one organization, to enable a very high level of Sanofi Strategic Alignment while also maximizing the proper level of autonomy to foster agility and responsiveness to changing demands. Specific initiatives include a Sanofi first-ever global onboarding program and a DEEP Communications initiative, designed to propel consistent messaging and culture across the global organization. During this session, attendees will be taken through their progress to date, highlighting their successes, failures and what they have learned along the way.
  • Drive innovation with new training delivery modalities and transformed physical environments to make learning "come alive"
  • Highlight the critical factors to consider when moving towards a centralized model
  • Discuss the importance of training in dealing with large-scaled change


Lynn Williams

Head, Global Leadership & Management Development

11:40 AM - 12:20 PM Roundtable Discussions: Choose Your Topic

Miya Maysent , Vice President, Talent Development & Diversity , JCPenney, Inc.
A: Capturing Employee Mindshare & Hearts In our High Pressure & Distracted Environment
Despite the fact that almost 90% of companies measure employee engagement, few organizations succeed at driving an engagement culture. Disengaged employees often result in lost organizational productivity and industry competitiveness. If we can capture the mindshare, the learning will follow. This roundtable will look at the tactics used to capture the mindshare of today’s employees who have very different expectations and needs. From an employee-driven LMS, to user generated subject matter, to news ways of looking at employee engagement and finally building a learning-centric culture, don’t miss this opportunity to swap ideas with your peers on how to grab the attention of your modern workforce.
B: Support + Emotional Intelligence = Performance
Getting buy-in for soft skills training, like Emotional Intelligence (EI), can be challenging but the improvements in performance and productivity can be profound. This interactive session will focus on the basic structure of an effective EI curriculum design and the process to obtain for an EI program within your organization. During this interactive roundtable discussion, attendees will receive a framework for initiating and structuring an EI program, especially if leaders tasked with rolling out the program have significant gaps themselves. Attendees will gain insight on implementing an EI program effectively and KPIs to track results and receive ideas for ways L&D can follow-up to bring more advanced training and performance initiatives in the context of emotional intelligence.
C: Building the Plane As We Fly It: From Zero L&D to Global Capability
Meeting the needs of a global workforce in today’s diverse and complex marketplace is no easy feat. A global workforce must be agile, inclusive and culturally competent. Even more challenging, is when asked to build this from this from scratch. This is a must attend roundtable for all those who didn’t inherit (good or bad) an L&D team and organization and are charged with building everything from the ground up, Where to begin? Where will you see the early business impact?

D: Learning’s Role in Overall Talent Management - You Can’t Separate The Two!
To thrive in a fast-paced, complex and ever-changing business environment, coupled with talent shortages on the rise, organizations need to create learners who will grow and innovate with the company’s needs. The continuously changing nature and diversity of skills needed requires that organizations empower their workforce with knowledge, speed and flexibility. During this interactive session, we will discuss how CLOs must change how they play a role during the talent management lifecycle, evaluate what talent will look like in the future, and the necessary skills to meet organizational needs, the powerful role of talent analytics and discuss the right blend of strategy and execution that connects people, process and technology to transform at scale. Attendees will share leading practices on how they are immersing themselves in the various informal ways learning happens within an organization and across generations.
Led By: Miya Maysent, Vice President, Talent & Diversity, JCPenney


Miya Maysent

Vice President, Talent Development & Diversity
JCPenney, Inc.

12:20 PM - 12:25 PM Chairperson's Closing Remarks

12:45 PM - 1:25 PM Buses Leave for McDonald's Site Tour - Hamburger University

12:45 Buses Leave for Hamburger University Site Tour
1:30 Site Tour Begins
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