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As a company founded and run by physicians, we have deep knowledge of brain science. That, combined with more than 20 years of research in human factors and learning has given us the most profound respect for the complexity and individual differences in how people learn.

Today's e-learning focuses on linear, standardized methods that we know are not optimal. There is not a single answer to how people learn; we describe this as 'one size fits none.' But there is a better way.

Our adaptive learning methods take a biological approach to online teaching. We teach by asking questions, then minute-by-minute we measure the impact, reorient and adjust. Practically this means that we constantly identify what a learner knows and doesn't know, then allow the learner to speed through learning objectives they already understand and zero in on what matters most for this learner or what they have the most difficulty with. We enhance the learning experience for each and every user, typically shortening the time they spend in training by over 50% while at the same time improving proficiency compared to traditional approaches. Our approach provides measurable data for the learner, the training function and the business on where employees are proficient and where we have identified skills gaps.