Authentic Leadership Institute

Authentic Leadership Institute

The Authentic Leadership Institute enables purpose-driven organizations and leaders to be more resilient, insightful, proactive, and ultimately more successful.

Just as important is the impact of purpose on a volatile, uncertain, complex, chaotic, and ambiguous (VUCCA) business world. When strategy becomes tactical and tactics are what shows up on your iPhone, purpose is the only thing that remains a constant.  It’s the compass for each of us as an individual as well as for the organization we lead.

It is also evident that purpose-driven leadership is just as important for organizations that are experiencing growth, new leadership and times of positive change.  When everyone knows his/her purpose, it:

•  Enables completely different kinds of conversations—ones that accelerate personal and organizational progress and growth; and

•  Dramatically increase engagement, retention and a deep sense of meaning, the panacea to creating the organizations of the 21st century that we all want to be a part of.