Bizzwordsä is a new innovative language training solution provider founded in the south of France by three experts working in the intensely competitive Business English market in Europe.

Our goal? Help your international talent get the English they need to achieve their potential and communicate effectively. Thanks to Bizzwords, your employees will Speak the Same Language, saving time, avoiding confusion, strengthening relationships with your customers, and ultimately achieving the best possible outcomes for your company.

What’s a Bizzword? A word or an expression every professional should know in order to communicate effectively in English, with native and non-native speakers alike. Based on our deep experience of Business English training, we’ve identified 1000 such Bizzwords. Typical Bizzwords include to get the ball rolling, payroll, upcoming, to get down to business, hardly, profitability. You know what they all mean, but does your international talent?

Bizzwords is first and foremost a customizable app for iPhones and Android devices, allowing your talent to acquire the essential terms and expressions they need in international business – in less than 2 minutes a day!

In addition to the app, Bizzwords offers made-to-measure telephone and videoconference-based English language training to professionals around the Globe, with a team of dedicated Business English coaches committed to helping people communicate better. Our custom-designed sessions can be based on your talent’s specific needs and requests, or can be aimed at helping them acquire and use new Bizzwords.