CEB Metrics That Matter™


CEB, now part of Gartner, helps customers grow by harnessing their untapped potential and channeling it toward high-impact, proven results.

CEB Metrics That Matter™ is a robust, proven SaaS that evaluates and improves the effectiveness of a company’s learning portfolio at driving employee performance. Our software enables more precision in strategic talent decisions, moving beyond big data to optimizing your workforce learning investments against the most business-critical skills and competencies. To run learning and talent like a business, you need the right metrics, external benchmarking, and automated insights. Our cloud-based talent analytics software and proven methodology will enable you to drive impact at a whole new level.

Each Metrics That Matter engagement begins with a targeted health check of learning program effectiveness, which involves establishing critical metrics, benchmarking learning impact, and communicating ROI to the business. Following this initial health check, Metrics That Matter continuously measures L&D programs to optimize learning investments and communicates ROI to the business on an ongoing basis.